Guess What?

So, I was doing laundry yesterday, and noticed all this rust-colored water all over the floor of my basement. My water pressure tank has a tiny little pin hole in it. So today we (and I use the term we very loosely here) are replacing it. I would like to find  a nail salon that is open on Sunday, so I can go sit in one of those massaging chairs. Because my back hurts!

I got most of my cleaning list accomplished yesterday, and will finish the rest of it today, when my water is fully functional.

Last night I went out with my good friend KT, and we had dinner and then went to the little wine house about a block from where we had dinner at a split a bottle of wine between the two of us. It was such a blast! I love that girl:)

Today I might also finish my mother’s quilt and work on piecing the other one together finally. Because I need to get them both done asap…for sure!


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