For Your Lips

I don’t know about y’all, but my lips can get pretty dry and cracked, even during the summer time. But I am not fond at all of plain ol’ chapstick, so I went in search of the ultimate lip balm/gloss. 98% of what I found was a bit too sticky/colorful/makeup-y like for everyday use, and for what I wanted. Not that I don’t have some of those to use when I get all glammered up, but I wanted just something a little plain that I could use and that wouldn’t glitterize/shimmer/color M’s lips if he needed to use it.

(*on a side-note, I’ve tried the Neosporan Lip Treatment, and while it works, it was just to medicine-y for me to use often)

First up, my most favoritest find EVER!

Smith’s Rosebud Salve

This stuff is beyond awesome. It has a nice pleasant smell, but not over powering in any way. It glosses your lips a little bit, but doesn’t really add any color, just brings out your natural lip-tone, so it’s pretty guy friendly too. I’ve shared this with a few people and they have absolutely fallen for it as well. It doesn’t make your lips sticky, and if you use it under a gloss, it keeps that from being to horribly sticky as well. I’ve only ever found it at Sephora and it sells for about $6 a pop, but it last forever!

My newest find!

Korres Lip Butter Glaze

I recently (as in 2 days ago) came across this in my Mom’s purse and tried it out while I was looking for gum. I fell hard. Not sticky, stays on for a really long time, and has a slight tint and shimmer (so not dude friendly, unless he goes for that kind of stuff 😉 ). It comes in several different colors, and I’ve found also on the Sephora website, where it retails for $14 a tube. That seems a little pricey for lip gloss, but I think the color/softness quality is worth it. I have actually bought any yet, since I jacked this tube from my Mom 🙂 .


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