MCP Actions

I absolutely adore the new actions (the ones I’ve gotten to try) that I just got from MCP Actions.

Photoshop actions are awesome, plain and simple. They help you create gorgeous, stunning photos without having to spend 56 hours on each individual picture. I’ve been playing with selective color and while I only got to work on two pictures last night, I am already in love!

BooBoo Dog!

In this photo, I used the selective color to just bring Boo back into color and keep the grass background black and white. *Please don’t judge the e-collar.  I know the proper way to use it and it has really expanded the world for her to be able to enjoy the outdoors without having to be on a leash or tie-out.

In this photo, I chose a cocoa-toned black & white (if that makes sense) and then I brought the Yellow Dog’s collar (and his eyes but you can’t really tell) back into color using the selective color. I also put a gallery frame around it.

I love photographing things and I can’t wait to work with this some more, and also use the other actions that I downloaded as well.

If you would like to check out MCP Actions, please visit their website Aside from their awesome photoshop actions (which they have for almost every version of photoshop & elements), they also have tutorials and online classes.

*MCP Actions has in no way paid or encouraged my endorsment of their products. I’m just trying to share the awesomeness y’all!


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