To Insure or Not to Insure

An excellent question.

Last year, I decided to get insurance for my dogs, simply because they are athletic dogs, and I wouldn’t want something that could be an easy fix, to not be able to take place because I couldn’t afford it. Having pet insurance makes some of the care decisions easier for me.

It’s not something for everyone, but if you have a dog that is prone to eating strange things, or is a wanderer, then it might be beneficial for you.

Last year I used VPI, and it was pretty nice. I had the Wellness coverage, which also allowed me to submit a claim for their general vet visits. I was always paid promptly, and never had any issues with the amount. Thank goodness I never had to use it for anything else, and I hope to keep it that way.

This year, I’ve chosen to go with Pet’s Best insurance. I know several people who have it and they love it. It also had some of the best ratings on, which allows you to compare several different companies at once. Pet’s Best had lower insurance premiums, and they also have a flat 80% pay out rate, which means after  your deductible, they cover 80% of your bill (some things aren’t covered though, which is normal with almost every pet insurance company). You can also elect to have your reimbursement directly deposited into your bank account, or even if your vet’s office will do it, have the payment sent directly to them. 

I’m looking forward to working with Pet’s Best. I didn’t elect to get their version of Wellness coverage, because I simply can’t fit it into my budget right now, but hopefully next year I can add that as well. I also hope that I don’t have to use my pet insurance, and that my dogs continue to live happy and healthy lives:) 


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