Do You Ever…

Plan out your meals for the week?

I always want to try to do it, but then I either never remember or never stick to it.

I have no stick-to-it-ness…

I AM trying to get better and trying to not eat some many “boxed” type dinners (although I do love me some hamburger helper!).

So in an effort to try to vary our menu, AND attempt a semi-organized life, I am going to plan my meals (lunch and dinner) for the next week. And to assist me in that, I ventured over to and copied down five recipes (although not all for an actual meal) from her site. I also have Ree’s cookbook, which has tons of stuff in it for every meal. The only thing I’ve made out of it so far are Marlboro Man’s Favorite Sandwiches (which are to-effing-die-for delicious!), but I’m excited to start making more stuff. I really enjoy cooking, so to be able to have more time to do so really tickles my fancy.

I’m also trying to convince M to let me build a raised garden bed this year. It’s a time-consuming process to just convince him, and I might just want to do it myself on a weekend that he isn’t home…but I wouldn’t want to start an argument or anything;) I am planning on planting some herbs this year in one of my containers that I used to attempt to grow tomatoes and successfully grew peppers in last year. I need to purchase a bit of fresh soil, and some fertilizer to put some more nutrients back into the soil before planting any seeds. So far I know that I will be growing basil, parsley (flat leaf), and chives. I don’t know what else to grow, for a fourth herb. So I may just keep it to those three for right now.

Also, did any of y’all have any comments on the photos?


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