2nd Annual Pound the Pavement Race Recap

After not running in four longish weeks, I attempted my 3rd 5k since I’ve been working on getting back into my “running/being healthy/all that crap” groove.

Race Morning

I wasn’t exactly feeling the greatest when I got up Saturday morning. I had that mixed feeling of holycrapamIreallygonnaattemptthis with some Ididn’tsleepworthashit thrown in for good measure. I managed to drink some water and ate half a Special K bar before getting in line for the race.

On the Course

It wasn’t a real shady course but since the weather was actually pretty fantastic it didn’t bother me too much. I did forget my running sunnies at home so I had to make do with my all-purpose sunnies for the race, which thankfully didn’t slide down my nose even though I was sweaty. The first mile went by pretty quickly, I actually was doing much better than I expected to be doing at that point. It was shortly after that I slowed down quite a bit, and just focused on keeping my pace below 17:00/mile. Miles two and three weren’t all the bad, mostly because I tried to not push myself to hard because I didn’t want to injure myself or anything silly like that.

The Finish

I tried to push it to the finish, and actually tried really hard to come in under 50 minutes but I was over by 8 seconds according to my Garmin. I also found out as I reviewed the results that if I would have pushed it a little bit harder, and cut 10 minutes off my time I could have placed 3rd in my age group. Oh well, there’s always next year 😉

Wrap Up

  • Garmin Time: 50:08
  • Gun Time: 50:18
  • Overall Place: 60/64
  • Age Group: 6/6

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