Oh, Hey Monday…

So daylight savings time ended (or began, I don’t really remember) yesterday and it was so weird to be going to bed at what felt like 9 o’clock last night, even though it was actually 10. I’m looking forward to the longer day light hours though. That pleases me to no end 🙂 Now I won’t be driving to work in the dark and then getting home from work in the dark. At least not from my regular job. Tax season job is a little bit of a different story.

I had a pretty good weekend. Friday M and I headed to the mall so I could get my jewelry cards signed and updated and then we went over to Airiaki’s and had dinner. It was so delish! Love me some Japanese hibachi cooking. Then we stopped by Treats Unleashed to pick up the birthday bone for the Boo dog, since her birthday is next weekend. Which the lady kept messing up my transaction so she gave me a second birthday bone for free as well. And M found these little collar attachments that light up really bright so that I can now keep track of the dogs in the dark. Yay! Then we just headed home and hung out for the rest of the evening.

Saturday started with an argument and ended with a sweet dinner of grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. I worked at Block all day, and then stopped by the store to grab hot dogs and buns and such.

Sunday we got up and headed to the Lion’s Club breakfast and ate with the other firefighters, since they were manning the station that weekend. I headed home and got busy! I changed the sheets, washed all the blankets, loaded up my one load of clothes, swept and swiffered all the floors, dusted, and cleaned the bathroom. The only thing I didn’t get finished was the kitchen, but oh well… I did get to go hang out with my sister and her dog Max. I took the Yellow dog and the Boo dog and we went to the dog park that she goes to for a little while and then headed to Llwellyn’s for a late lunch. Then we stopped off and gave Max a bath, and then me and the pups headed home to finish our cleaning.

All in all, a very good weekend. Would have been better if I had the whole thing off, but oh well, there’s always going to be something!


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