It’s FINALLY Over!!

Tax season officially ended for me last night and I honestly couldn’t be happier. I’m so glad that I can go to Wednesday afternoon yoga, and make it home in time to cook dinner, and that it’s staying lighter outside, and a whole bunch of stuff that just thrills me to flipping death right now.

I got the cutest little zebra print planner the other day. I’m in love with it really. It fits inside my purse and I’m just loving it. My purse, which I cleaned out the other day and now feels and looks SO empty. Poor little purse. Oh well, I didn’t need/use 90% of the crap that was in there anyways-so I just cleaned out it out and left in there the stuff I use on a regular basis (wallet, keys, checkbook, etc) and now I’m feeling much better.

Another plus from this past weekend? I finally got all the damn dishes washed at my house. And I want to keep that shit that way. I’ve been making sure to wash up the dishes each night, and put the ones in the dishwasher that need to get dishwashered. The rest get set out on a towel to dry, then get put away. Now if only I could be so strict with the rest of my life. I also got all the damn towels washed. Thank Jeebus for that.

I need to get something new to keep the dogs toys in. Yes, my dogs currently have a toy box and yes, it’s over-flowing as I type this. I need something a little bigger and a little more not so garish than what I have now. I’m looking at the organizing utility totes from thirty-one right now. I use one to hold all of my training bumpers, our blankets/quilts, and then my small contingent of stuffed animals I will probably never part with. Yes, I am 27 and yes I still  have stuffed animals. Get over it. Childhood memories, y’all.

So, now that tax season is over and I don’t have that to bitch about anymore, I’m gonna have to find something new to complain about. Like allergies and the fact that I can’t buy freaking Claritan D anymore (you know, the one that actually works!) without a prescription thank you so much ya damn meth heads. Alas for you, that is a rant for another day 😉

Oh and on a side note, if you haven’t filed your taxes yet (what are you waiting for anyways?) today is the absolute LAST DAY to file them. Post marked by midnight y’all!


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