Make Tracks for the Zoo 5k Race Recap


So to round out my race weekend, on Sunday I did the Make Track for the Zoo 5k.

Last year I took advantage of the packet mailing and since it worked out so well I did it again this year. Way easier than trying to get my shirt, number, and all the other stuff they give you in the bag at the event and trucking back across the Zoo then making to the start on time. ConvenienceĀ is the name of the game.

I got there around 7, and took the time to get myself ready. My legs were a little sore and stiff from the Twilight 5k the night before, but I figured they would loosen up some during the race.

I got to the start and lined up just past the last pace sign, to try to avoid a lot of weaving through people. Since it’s such a family friendly event, there are quite a few walkers. And the course stays fairly congested for the first half mile or so.

After the National Anthem and the starting horn, we were off. I tried to use the live tracking feature on Runtastic, but my friends said they couldn’t quite get it to work. Mile one was pretty slow for me, trying to work my legs out of their crankiness. Mile two was slightly better, and I didn’t have to worry about stopping at the water station since I made sure to bring my own water bottle. They only have one, and only so many volunteers, so it can get pretty crowded. Once I hit the halfway point, things started to work out and turn around and I was able to pick up the pace some. I passed some friends in the third mile, and kept on trucking. With about a third of the race left, I could definitely feel the effects of two 5k’s twelve hours apart and no running or training. I was slowing WAY down. I tried my best to push through it and managed to make it across the finish line and run the entire race.


  • Finish Time- 53:20
  • Average Pace- 17:10/mile
  • Overall Place- 1527/1827
  • Female- 988/1213
  • F25-29- 142/158

This was the first time I actually made a play list of songs for a particular race and I have to say it worked out pretty well, because I didn’t waste any time trying to find a particular song or skipping around on my iPhone.

I didn’t have my Garmin charged, and I didn’t have my armband for my iPhone, so I am sticking with my chip time for this race as well. All in all, I think my racing weekend went pretty well. I didn’t get injured or die, so those two things are a definitely plus. It also makes me anxious to get out there and get back to running and yoga-ing!


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