Lazy or Smart?

I’m super excited because I just finished placing my first order with Green Bean Delivery! I first found out about them through the MO’ Cowbell website, and then we got a code for $15 off our first order in our virtual race bag. So to use it before the end of the month (I think it expired then) I placed my order today for our first bin. I don’t know if having groceries delivered like this would be considered lazy or smart? I do still have to go to the store for some items, but having things delivered to me seems really nice as well.

What it is, is a delivery service for fresh, organic produce and other organic goods from their grocery store. Most of the items are local, and they show where they come from on the website while you are browsing the store. I picked out several vegetables and a couple of fruits, and then got two boxes of crunchy Clif Bars because we prefer those over the regular Clif Bars at our house. My bin gets delivered on Thursday, so I will be sure to let you know all about the goodies that come in it and the quality of everything.

My weekend went fairly well, with a few bumps here and there. Friday night, some friends of ours had a little Halloween party, complete with bonfire and hay ride. It was fun to sit around and chat with everyone. It feels so strange sometimes, because I graduated high school with all these people, but never hung out with them or even knew most of them in school (I transferred to a large school in the middle of my junior year). It was a pretty good time and the hay ride was nice. It was truly excellent party weather.

Saturday started off going nowhere close to how I had planned. M got up and went duck hunting, and I slept in and bummed around for another couple of hours when I noticed Kaycee’s eye looked weird. Upon closer inspection it appeared very similar to when she had pink eye several years ago. I took the off-chance that my vet would be open on Saturday to call and get her in. Luckily they were and we came away a little poorer and with some fun eye ointment to put in her eyes twice a day for the next seven days.

Then I headed out to Clarksville to see the trapper-guy to get M’s birthday present. We are a pretty outdoorsy duo, even though I spend most of my time cooped up in an office, so hunting and fishing are things we enjoy. M recently is getting back into trapping, so it will be interesting to see all that first hand this year. After picking up the traps, I stopped by my grandparents and visited for a little while before heading home and resting because I could feel a headache coming on. We wrapped up the evening with dinner with my parents for M’s birthday, and a little outdoorsy shopping at Cabela’s.

Sunday I got up early to make breakfast for the boys while they were duck hunting, and then tried to go back to sleep but mostly just watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer Halloween reruns on TV. After a bit, I got up and headed over to my in-laws to grab some stuff to take my grandparents 65th wedding anniversary portrait. They got all dressed up and looked so adorable! They’ve been together for forever (obviously) and are a pretty great example of a good marriage.

After that I headed back to my in-laws and registered for some tax classes I need to take and then picked up lunch for everyone out on the farm. I firmly solidified my best wife ever status and rode in the combine for a bit before heading back home to do laundry. Where the second crappy part of the weekend happened.

We live in an old house. Which means there are a few places for bugs to get in. I was down in the basement putting in a load of jeans and I went to put in those little Downy scent things and I stepped on something sharp. At first I thought I stepped on a splinter of wood, but then the pain intensified a whole bunch and I picked my foot up to shake it out and a wasp fell down in the floor. It stung me right underneath my second toe! And holy shit did it hurt! I have not been stung by a wasp in over 20 years, I’m sure, since I was a little kid and I’ve never stepped on one. My second toe and my big toe hurt like crazy and then the toe I got stung on puffed up really big. I put an ice pack on it and that definitely helped and it hurt a little bit this morning, but thankfully I have not developed an allergy to stings. From here on out though, it’s some kind of shoe at all times in the basement!


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