Kicking off 2016

Hey blog-landia! I know I’ve been absent for a couple of months, but I just haven’t had time to sit down and piece together any coherent posts with out them being 90% whiny sounding nonsense. So I’ve laid low and just kind of disappeared from here. Though I have been active on my Instagram and am trying to be a better twitterer. We’ll see on that front.

So let’s wrap up the last little bit of 2015 shall we?

In my last actual post, I talked about meeting with our architect to draw up our prelim house plans. Well, that took about two and a half months. Which was a little excessive, since he told us it would only be a couple of weeks. So once we got those back, we made a couple of changes and finalized those. Now we have an idea of what our house will basically look like! Then on New Year’s Eve we met up with him again to do the nitty-gritty, where all your light fixtures and outlets are going to go plan. Hopefully, we can have those back at the end of this month to start getting bids from contractors and come spring of this year we will start digging the basement. That’s all the news on the house front. I told M that I probably wouldn’t be overly obsessive about it until it came time to lay the floors, pick the colors, etc. He can obsess over the actual putting up the walls and trusses part. I’m excited to start putting together the rooms, as far as colors and fixtures and stuff.

Running news. I signed up to do the 2016 Go! St. Louis half-marathon with Team in Training, and I’m really looking forward to it! I have to meet a minimum fundraising goal, which isn’t too scary, but running for Team in Training has been something I wanted to do for a while, but always put off because I didn’t think I could make the goals or that I wasn’t good enough. But since one of my goals last year was to get outside my comfort zone and try things that I really wanted to try, I talked with the rep at the Mo’ Cowbell expo and she was super nice and really informative. So I bit the bullet and joined! I’m hoping that the entire experience will be fantastic. I’ll be sure to let you know how it plays out on here.

I haven’t been running a whole heck of a lot lately, I did a nice little trail run on Thanksgiving instead of a traditional turkey trot. It was nice to get out and not worry about all the other people, getting back anywhere by a certain time, or traffic. Plus, the weather was fantastic! Then I fell off the wagon, so to speak, and then I got back on the wagon for a hot minute. Then fell off again. (Shocker!)

I went to go running after work on the Katy Trail, at a spot where I normally go for after work runs. You have to walk down a hill to get to the trail from the parking lot and as I was going down I passed a guy who looked like he was headed back to his car. I had planned for two miles, so I was going to run in one direction for a half mile and back to my starting point before heading in the opposite direction for another half mile and back. Well, when I got to my first turn around point, the guy I passed earlier heading to his car was about 20 feet behind me, just kind of standing there milling around. It just really kind of creeped me out! Mostly because he wasn’t talking on his phone or anything, just standing there shuffling in circles on the trail. After I thought he had headed to his car. I’ve seen people use that particular hill for repeats, but they don’t typically run hill repeats and half mile repeats at the same time. So I cut my run short and turned it into a little bit of a speed session. And haven’t been back to the trail since then. Which totally sucks.

But I did run the Santa’s North Pole Dash again this year, and it was so humid and warm for December. Legit, we are talking 70-ish degrees in Missouri in mid-December. That might be normal for So Cal or down in Texas, but not Missouri! But I ran my fastest time on that particular course and even though it was a little warm, I managed just fine!

To put it in perspective, it was warmer for the Santa Dash than my Half-Marathon nearly three month’s earlier.

So running and yoga have been happening off and on in 2015, but I’m making another more solid effort in 2016!

Weight-loss news.

I think things are finally getting sorted out with my thyroid meds and everything. Since my highest weight point, I lost about 30 pounds over the course of last year! I’m hoping to continue this trend, maybe amp it up a little, but I’m not looking to shed a ton of weight super fast either. Just nice and slow. I haven’t made a ton of changes, but I’m working on continuing the changes I made last year (eat less shit food, drink more water), stick with my running, biking, and yoga, add new things in this year, and hope for the best!

I don’t have a ton of specific goals this year. Mostly stay the course with last years progress, be more active and outside more, take better care of my skin, and be more financially responsible. I might set little monthly goals, but I’m not going to obsess over every little thing either. I find that is key for me to be much, much happier!



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