Almost Go! Time

When I thought of this title yesterday, it didn’t dawn on me at first that the half-marathon I’m doing on Sunday is the Go! St. Louis half. I was just thinking, “Oh, it’s almost time to do the damn thing.” Then driving home from work yesterday it hit me. What a coinky-dink.

Training went pretty good. I’m feeling pretty confident about it, and I had my last group training “long” run on Saturday in Forest Park. I’m pretty pleased with my paces, and I’m sure the energy of the race will help keep me moving. I met and exceeded my fundraising goal, so that’s exciting, too.

I’ve never ran around Forest Park, only going there for the Zoo 5k each year and that is on roads through the park. So I was a little nervous at first about possibly getting lost, but it’s pretty simple and I managed to make it around without much incident. Although some ass-hat decided to steal the Team in Training cooler with water and Gatorade in it. Lame as f*ck. Honestly, it wasn’t even a fancy cooler. But we lived.

I’m so glad that tax season is almost over. Basically two weeks left and then it’s back to to normal routine. I had to back off yoga since coming back from Italy because I was so busy trying to get caught up on things around the house and get my runs in and not feel like a terrible dog mom by never being home. So I am greatly looking forward to getting back on my mat and in the studio. I have kept up with a few poses and stretches here and there, especially yogi headstand now that I finally got that pose! Only four years in the making. So I’m hoping I haven’t lost too much in the way of yoga by missing a month or so of classes.

I like doing taxes, but there is just a certain point I hit during tax season where it’s just like, “No, I’m done with this and I’m over it.” I think it usually comes right as the weather is starting to get nice again. I need to get my bikes to the bike shop for their yearly maintenance. I’m looking forward to getting out there on my bike.

We’ve spent the past couple of weekends looking at, picking out, and talking to people about stuff for the new house. Hopefully here in the next week or so we will starting digging out the foundation and pouring concrete. Which seems crazy, but I can’t wait to be in the new house and have my own closet and room space just for my stuff. You never really appreciate those things until you have to live without them. So after 10+ years, I’m finally getting all those things! SO excited! All the exclamation points!!

My next post probably won’t be until after my half on Sunday, when I will give you a race update. Wish me luck!


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