Weekend Run Around

So this weekend was another pretty busy one. Friday’s are what I consider my rest days, so I didn’t do much of anything workout wise, but we have been trying a new place for Margarita Friday, since our usual place abruptly closed down. I’ve been working my way through the taco menu, and I tried their fish tacos, which were just ok. I really liked the ones I had last week, which were shredded pork with this crazy corn-mayo topping. Pretty delicious.

Saturday I woke up early, but put off my run until after my appointment at 9:30 which was probably a mistake. I had created a workout for my run on Garmin Connect, but since it was so warm and humid, it was hard to really hit the paces that I had set for myself. None the less, I got in my 3 mile run plus warm up and cool down for a total of 3.4. So mileage for the week running-wise was 10.5 miles. Woot woot! No biking or hiking miles, though. Womp Womp.

Eating wise, I did ok for the weekend. I really, REALLY need to start doing breakfast, and I need to really work on getting my protein up, because that is definitely the one area that I lack in. I did better with drinking water, especially yesterday helping out with the fair parade. But I can always do better.

So I spent most of Saturday doing laundry and catching up on house chores, and then my dad came over to look at progress on the new house. Then we headed over to our friend’s house to celebrate their daughter’s birthday, which was a pretty good time. We haven’t really hung out in a long time, so it was nice to see and catch up with everyone two weekends in a row.

Sunday we were up and cleaning up construction debris since we will be getting our trusses this week. Then I tended to my little garden. Since the cantaloupe are more or less taking over half the garden, I went ahead and pulled the rest of my onions and carrots up so they didn’t get choke out. I can’t wait to eat some melon from my garden, but I probably won’t be planting any next year, since it’s such a sprawling vine. I checked the tomatoes over for any ripe ones, but I’ve only had one turn enough and not have a huge bad spot on the bottom so far. There are a few that are close, but not quite ready. We had some pretty high winds a few days ago, so now my plants are all leaning sideways despite their cages. I’m going to have to try and figure out a way to get them back upright.

I also picked some blackberries and checked the peaches. I think I might actually have some peaches to work with this year, which is exciting. We trimmed a lot of dead growth out of the trees back in January & again in March, so I think that helped a lot. I will probably go back in and trim up the bottom branch of several of the trees this winter, so it’s easier to get under there and weed-eat and mow. I’ve gotten almost three quarts off the blackberry bush this year, and it makes me want to put in a blueberry bush for next year, too!

Later in the afternoon we headed into town to help set up and direct the Fair parade. Which means our version of hell week has officially kicked off. They made several changes at the fair this year, so it will be very interesting to see how those pan out.

Tonight, I have a three-mile easy run on the books, and then my week is fairly open as far as training goes, since its fair week and I have things to do each evening. Then the fair 5k is Saturday, which is a new race for me so I will be making a recap and review on that coming up, too!


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