Stitch Fix #4

About a week ago I received my fourth Stitch Fix shipment and this one was pretty amazing. If you remember, I had a couple where some of the stuff was neat, and one that was completely disappointing, but this was one where I could have kept everything, but didn’t because I didn’t need something or they just didn’t fit right.

Quickly, how Stitch Fix works:

~You fill out your style profile online

~You’re stylist chooses 5 items that they think you would like for a $20 styling fee and ships them to you.

~You receive your items, figure out what you like and want to keep and what to send back. If you keep anything, your $20 fee gets applied to your purchases. What you don’t want to keep gets sent back in a pre-paid envelope.

Per usual, Stitch Fix does not compensate me for my posts in any way. All opinions are my own.

Now on to the good stuff!

Loveappella Edgewater Knit Top $48-Kept

I went back and forth on this top for one fact. I had just gotten done folding a load of laundry and 80% of the shirts I folded up for myself were gray! But I couldn’t pass up the fit of this top. It was plenty long enough without being extra wide, which is something women’s clothes seem to do. Instead of getting longer and bigger as the size goes up, they just get wider and stay the same length. But this top hit all the right marks, and I even grew to like the odd little pocket on it.

Le Lis Covington One Pocket Top $58-Kept

I really liked this flannel, but unfortunately it was too short on me, but fit my mom perfectly, so I kept it for her. The material was really soft and had a nice, broken-in feel to it, not stiff like some flannels are when you first get them. I wish it had been about 3 inches longer and it would have totally been added to my closet!

Urban Expressions Zella Satchel $64-Kept

Again, this was something my mom kept. I wouldn’t have kept it otherwise, even though it was a very cute bag, simply because I have a small collection of purses that I like to use and I’m pretty discerning when it comes to my totes and bags. But my mom is going on a trip in a couple of weeks and this will be a great carry-on tote for her to use on the plane. Plus, it is a pretty color and seems pretty sturdy, like it will hold up well.

Honey Punch Layla Elbow Patch Detail Cardigan $48-Kept

I was SO excited to see this piece in my fix. I must have it pinned 20 times on my Pinterest board. The fabric is nice and soft, and the elbow patches are suede, and I just really like the whole fit to it. It’s plenty long without being to overwhelming, which is nice. One of my favorite pieces so far!

Just Black Steph Distressed Bootcut Jean $88-Returned

I wouldn’t call these jeans really distressed. There was very minor detailing on one knee and a bit on the back pockets, but that was pretty much it. Plus they were much too short and too small, so the fit was off on them. I’ve only had one pair of jeans in my fixes that I’ve liked and kept, which is kind of saddening for me, simply because I’ve seen other bloggers get some really cute pants with their fixes.

So that was what was in this month’s fix. Some pretty great items, and I’m looking forward getting my next fix in early November!

If you’re curious about Stitch Fix, I encourage you to give it a try! The worst thing is you might lose out on $20, but you also might find some of those styles that you’ve been coveting, or find something you never even knew you liked!


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