Slacking & Lacking

Sorry for being such an absentee blogger lately! Things have been crazy busy with building the new house and I haven’t had very nice things to say so I’ve kept them mostly to myself.

But, anyways, time for an update!

The new house is almost complete! It has been a struggle and we had to do the majority of the plumbing (and by we I mean Matt & my Dad) because we had to fire our plumber. Long story short, there was a lack of professionalism. So, for the past few weekends, we have slowly been putting on vanity tops and running water lines. All the cabinets are in place, with the exception of our built-ins, and there are just a couple of things left that need plumbing work done upstairs. The living room, dining room, kitchen, and master bedroom and bathroom have all been painted and are done.

We actually moved the bed into the bedroom and have been sleeping in the new house since Thanksgiving eve!

I can’t wait to post photos and give you all a little house tour when we get officially moved in! So far everything has been coming together just as I imagined it would. At least looks-wise. There have been so many bumps along the way that it’s been a pretty stressful time the past few months and everything has taken a back seat to this, including running and yoga. I did manage to run two 5k’s recently, but no training or anything has been happening around my house. I will be so GLAD when all this gets over and we can go back to our normal programming! Unfortunately that is going to be right when tax season starts, so then there will be that to deal with.

Oh well, you gotta roll with the punches, right?

I do have a few posts in the works, including a new Stitch Fix post and a couple of race recap/reviews. So I will try not to be absent for too long again!



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