Filling in the Gap

Haven’t checked in to update in a while! Sorry about that!

Back at the very beginning of February, I woke up with crazy jaw stiffness/soreness on my right side. I had been having a dream/nightmare about my teeth just falling out in bloody chunks, so I must have been clenching/grinding my teeth together. I figured it would go away on its own after a while.

It didn’t. Obviously.

There were a few times where it hurt bad enough that I thought about pulling my teeth out myself to try to relieve the pain, but luckily it wasn’t my teeth at all! Thank god for that, because I had just had a round of expensive even with dental insurance work done and was not looking forward to paying for more. I kept putting it off, but I finally went to see a new chiropractor who did x-rays and as it would turn out, my neck spine is not looking too hot. Instead of having the normal curve to it, my neck is starting to curve in the opposite direction, compressing the discs that are there. And my very tip-top vertebrae is twisted, which means you can see right through the middle of it! All of these things were compounding my jaw issue, not to mention affecting all the other nerves and such in my body.

My lower back has some issues too, but not quite as bad as my neck spine. So the beginning of March brought about a new chiropractic treatment plan for me, which meant no running, no yoga, no biking, pretty much NO ACTIVITY for 8 weeks. So add that to the 4-ish weeks I already had missed out on, plus my lack of doing anything being overwhelmed with the house stuff, and I am pretty much starting over from scratch every where.

Any weight I had lost has been gained back, which really stinks, but I am working on it again. I have cut back on my sugar intake a TON, and I am working on cutting back my caffeine in take as well, because I am totally addicted to both things and my chiropractor wants to me do a purification cleanse to help bring my body systems back to zero (or as close to zero as they can get). Which basically means flushing my systems out so that there isn’t a bunch of junk clogging them up.

I know, total hippie nonsense (or goodness, depending on your opinion).

But I started yoga again last week, as well as running using Garmin’s beginner 5k time-based plan, and both those things have been going pretty well. Knock on wood, but I haven’t missed a work out yet! I’ve successfully made it through two phases of treatment, and have started on phase three, which bring about fun things like neck traction exercises. Current one being, lay on the floor with a rolled up bath towel under my neck, starting at 3 minutes and working my way up to 10-15 minutes. I’m not gonna lie, it’s actually kind of uncomfortable. Plus, icing on top of that. And the worst, not being on my phone as much.

Because my job requires me to be sitting looking down for the better part of the day, I need to cut back on the amount of time I spend sitting on my phone in the same manner every night. So if it isn’t eye level when my head is raised, it needs to go.

Go ahead and hold your phone at eye level for hours on end. It sucks.

So, now that I actually have stuff to write about again, I will be back to blogging more regularly I think. It’s good to write again!


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