Favorite Finds

This is a post series about some of the stuff I’ve tried along the way and have absolutely loved! Things will range from food to makeup, skin care to cooking, and more.

First up, a little something I found at Trader Joe’s. I love taco Tuesday as much as the next person, but was finding the same old taco seasoning I was getting at the grocery store to be a little too bland and a little too salty for me. So when I was in Trader Joe’s one night, I decided to pick up some of their taco seasoning. And it’s fucking fantastic!

Please ignore my chipped polish! I did make time to paint my nails this week.

Seriously, this stuff is pretty bomb. And the best part is that you can adjust the amount of seasoning to make your taco meat more or less spicy depending on the amount you use. I can get two to three batches out of one packet.

Taco night this week

I know there are tons of recipes out there for making your own taco seasoning, but if you’re not about that life, then get thyself to the nearest TJ’s and pick up some of their seasoning. I promise you won’t regret it! We like it so much that last time we bought some, we just bought the entire display box at the store. So now I’m set for taco seasoning for probably close to a year or so.

*Trader Joe’s did not compensate me for this post. I bought the product, used it, and loved it and wanted to share with you. 


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