I have to get up pretty early for work. And there isn’t a whole lot of choices where I work at. None that are really healthy anyways!

So for the month of March, I am pledging to bring my damn lunch to work everyday, and to only eat fast food once a week (unless I can help it).

So today for lunch I had popcorn and a pop tart. Because that’s just super healthy right? Haha;)

I’m planning on stopping off after work today and picking up a few things like a steak and a chicken breast to cook and slice up to add to some salad stuffs I want to pick up. Plus I *need* to really get out there and exercise, but to be honest, I have so much running through my head right now it’s crazy:( I’m always stressing out about something it feels like. For instance, yesterday, I stopped and got Taco Bell, and felt better immediately after eating it. But then I felt bad about buying it, which then made me feel sick.

Twisted, right?

I know fast food isn’t the “debbil”, but I don’t need to eat it for every fricking meal, and I certainly don’t need it to compromise the majority of my meals for the month.

So fingers crossed, I’m off and running (ok, walking at a leisurely pace) for the month.


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