Sunday Funday!

I had a pretty good Sunday after a rough-ish night. My stomach was having issues so I didn’t get to bed until late late on Saturday. Then I slept in until 10 a.m. on Sunday which I pretty much never do. Even the dogs stayed pretty conked out. Then I made some french toast, which I don’t really like when I make it but I still ate a little bit of it.

Then K and I went to get pedicures and I loved the colors of my toes so much that I went out and bought to paint my nails with when I got home. LOVE IT!

Then we had lunch and she helped me pick out some hair color (dying my hair Tuesday) and then we parted ways so that we could finish up our respective errands.

After I got home and started the laundry and stuff, we grilled some steaks and potatoes and had that for dinner. It was super delish:)  And the dogs got to run around quite a bit while we were out side so they got some exercise too!

All in all a really great day:)


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