Found Something New for Y’all!

So I was in Target last night waiting to pick up my auto-fill prescriptions (which weren’t auto-filled) and I was browsing through and saw these neat folder/organizer thingys in the office-ish supply section.

So I went online this morning and googled it.

It’s the OragnizHer line from Mead. Being carried exclusively at Target (they also have one for Mom’s being carried at Wal-mart). It’s geared towards women, but I suppose if you’re a dude who is into that kind of stuff, it will work for you too.

The neatest part is that you can go to their website and download all the inserts you want, for FREE! So technically, you don’t even have to by the binder things if you didn’t want to…you could choose a different one (maybe make it a more manly one?) and put the inserts in there. Not that I am preaching for y’all to do that, but still, it’s nice that Mead offers the option.

There’s lots of neat stuff to check out, so head on over to their website

And check it out!


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