Three More Days!

Of doing taxes and then I’m done for the year:)

While I will miss the extra money that it provides (especially since the whole tax-withholding debacle) I’m ready to have all my week nights and weekends back to myself. Plus, my half marathon training starts on the 19th…eek!

Something I will never understand is people’s inability to file their taxes each year. For instance, someone dropped off THREE years of taxes four days before the end of tax season. Um, hello? You do know your supposed to file those EVERY YEAR right?

Either way, something I am very much looking forward to is cooking meals at night again. I’ve basically not cooked a whole hell of a lot since the beginning of January, so I’m really looking forward to planning out my meals for the week and then actually making them and getting the chance to try new meals out.

It would entail going to the grocery store about every week or so, but I think that would be better than waiting until I have like next to nothing and then spend $230 at the grocery shop on crap…Not cool, dude.

Besides, home cooked meals are much better for you than pre-packaged crap as well. I will try to take photos of the stuff I’m cooking, and include where the recipe can be found and the recipe on here. So stay tuned!


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