I Get

Really excited when I look and see how many views I’ve been getting on my blog. It makes me happy to know that there are people who seem to find my random bathering interesting enough to read (or so I hope!).

Something equally exciting (maybe) is when my four-year-old niece decides that her and her Aunt need to have a girls day with just us and she has a whole day planned for us…What on Earth a 4-year old can possibly plan a “whole day” of for herself and someone 22 years older than her is currently beyond me.

But she’s a pretty cute kid, and I wouldn’t mind spending some time with her.

Speaking of kids…

When my sister and I were little, and the majority of my mother’s family still got along well, we had fairly regular Sunday dinners. And when my parents bought a new car (an Explorer to be exact), we had to go show it off at the next family function. It was fairly warm out and because at times my mother can be a little (read: lots) show boat-y, we had the windows rolled down. Now ours in the back didn’t roll down all the way, lest a small child some how unbuckle themselves and jump out the window while traveling at high rates of speed down the highway.

When we got to my grandparents house, my sister had her face just barely stuck out the window, and wasn’t paying the least bit of attention to the fact that my Dad was rolling the windows up. So instead of moving her face away from the glass when it first touched her, some how she got her lips “caught” on the window, and then proceeded to get them “rolled up” in the window to the point where my father actually had to start the car and ROLL THE WINDOW BACK DOWN!

Her lips puffed up to look akin to Lindsay Lohan’s after a recent injection of whatever the hell she has injected in there (Fat? Crack Cocaine? I will never know).

And that’s the story of why my sister no longer presses her face to glass of any kind, mobile or not.


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