Yeah so I just analyzed my cash flows/spending for the last four months (I even did a little first quarter report, nerdy right?) and I must say…it’s pretty dismal around these parts.

Part of that is because of the roughly $100 a month difference in pay from being married claiming zero and with holding at the singles rate. Holy moly man…but since several of my bills have gone up (WTF electric company!) I decided to change it, and work towards having better deductions on my tax return.

I also realized that if I could pay off my credit cards (bad debts), not eat lunch out, and not get any overdraft charges, I could have an extra $800 a month to use for other things (like I don’t know, paying off my car or saving money(gasp!)).

All in all, it’s not really that horrible…but it’s not really that good either. I need to shape up my financials, maybe even get another job or something because I’m worried how next month and even June will look without the extra tax prep income. Hopefully I can get a raise that will help even it all out in August, and I can focus on actually paying off my debt rather than accumulating more. I’m really tired of always feeling broke. Of course, if gas prices continue to go up, I may have to hurt someone. No one should have to pay this much for gas!


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