And It’s Raining…Again:(

Oh My Stinkin Heck!

I wish this stormy-ass weather would get on with itself. I’m tired of hearing thunder and seeing rain puddles and having the ends of my pants be wet constantly! Plus, I would like to write about how nice the weather is, like yesterday. Yesterday was such a nice day!

I got to go out to Canine Country and work with the dogs. The Yellow Dog was experience some lameness this morning, but after some massage on the affected leg, he was barely limping. So I’m thinking it was probably soreness from the couple of spills he took yesterday at CC. He also tries to keep up with the young pups, but don’t tell him he’s getting up there in years, ok?

I did see something worth writing about yesterday though. CamelBak has a new water bottle out the has the filtration system BUILT INTO THE STRAW! Yes, that’s right kids…tap water goes in, filtered goodness comes out. And if you have rock hard water like me, that could be a good thing. I’ve not actually seen one in person…so if you’re reading this and you have one, leave a comment and let us know how you like it.

I was a bad girl and did not do my training run last night…But I still have time to get my scheduled 6 miles for the week in, it just may come on Friday, and Saturday, instead of Tuesday and Thursday…If I could just find the energy to clean my house, and take care of everything I need to take care of then I would probably be a bit more of a happier camper;) But wouldn’t we all?