So my Fourth of July holiday weekend went pretty good. I only accomplished a marginal amount of stuff I wanted to, but I still had a pretty good time.

Saturday, I went and go my hair feathered. I really like it, and although it doesn’t pop right out at you, it still looks good. Then I had breakfast with the Sister and her boyfriend, the JH. So after eating breakfast, I did a little shopping and picked up my shirt and bib for the 5K I was doing on Monday. I stopped at one of my favorite pet boutiques and picked up some treats and this nifty little tray and mixes that make flavored ice cubes for the dogs. I figured that would be nice for them since it gets so hot out, and it can help keep them cool.

That afternoon I went to my in-laws and had my MIL help me sew the dress for my niece, NRR. It turned out super cute! Then it was home to make dinner, and wait for M to get home from his road trip. Sunday I wound up going to my in-laws again and helping fix my MIL’s hair and watching M and my FIL tear the deck off the back of their house. They are rebuilding it with that Trex lumber.  I think it will turn out so nice! Then we had to pick up something and drop it off at my parents house, who wanted to go to the casino, and we headed there with them. At the casino I walked away with a little bit of pocket-money (which I’m using to buy a Garmin Forerunner 405! It should be here on Saturday!).

Monday I was up super early to go run my road race, and then it was home and breakfast for me. NRR was next door due to the huge storms that had not only jacked up part of their house, but flooded their road and washed out their driveway. So I had her try on her new dress, and then we hung out with them for a bit. Anywhoodles, after that we headed home, and M decided we should go find the best spot to watch the fireworks. That involved a straight up ladder climb of about 60 feet, but it was SO worth it. We could see firework shows from at least 20 different places. It was 360 degrees of firework awesomeness! Plus, we could be there because M works there and we wouldn’t get in trouble 😉

So the last couple of days have been a little tough here at work…but slowly and surely I’m getting back into the swing of things!


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