Oh, Oh, OhOh, OhOh My Gosh!


First things first, y’all need to head on over to SkinnyRunner’s new site, skinnyrunner.com, and check out her sweet new set-up!

I adore SR, as she has really motivated me to get back into running for some weird reason. It’s not like she particularly carries on about running in a technical sense, but for some reason reading her site makes me want to get out there and “punch running in the face“. I actually haven’t run the past two days, and I’m getting really antsy to get out there and put some miles in. Tuesday my ankle was kind of achy so I decided to rest and do some laundry since M was completely out of socks…it was getting to be a tragedy of epic proportions! So I busted out come laundry and watched my favortiest program EVER, Pretty Little Liars. Holla! Wednesday I just felt *so* stinkin’ tired that I had zero energy to do anything other than make chicken fajitas and watch quality programming on MTV. (Ha!)

I watched some TrueLife, one about this girl trying to make it to the Olympics in weight-lifting. She was a big girl, but it was so cool to see her not obsess about everything and accept who she was. If only we could all do that! The next TL was about getting over your first love. It featured a boy who’s best friend and the girl he loved (also a close friend) decided to start dating behind his back and he  eventually got it all laid out there and they managed to patch things back up. The girl in the episode however, need serious help to get over her loser baby-daddy. I honestly wanted to reach through the TV and slap the shit out of her.

Then the mother of all great TV came on…Teen Mom. Honestly some of the girls have their shit together, and some of them don’t. If you have a baby to take care of, DON’T GET A BOOB JOB! I don’t care if you think it will make getting modeling jobs easier! Wait until you can save up all the cash for it and don’t take out a loan! And if you and your baby-daddy have been engaged fifty times in the last six months…perhaps y’all just need to call it quits. Think about that for a minute.

I’m hoping to get out and run this evening, but I’m not making myself any promises. And on that I leave you with this little bit of a gem… Yep, that’s me all picniked out rocking my hair feathers 😉


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