Holy Humidity Batman!

Holy Moses! As if it couldn’t come at a worse time, the humidity is officially here. Naturally, because Fair week kicked off yesterday with the annual parade. I took some photos for my FIL and it sucked to stand out there in that humidity. I didn’t ever feel like it was that hot but I could definitely tell that I was sweating from the humidity.

My weekend didn’t go anywhere near how I planned it to! I did get my Garmin Forerunner 405CX on Saturday, but I have yet to actually get a chance to run with it because SOMEONE kept me busy all weekend. First it was helping him build a deck at the in-laws, then it was running all over the country side looking for a Yeti cooler (pretty sweet) and block ice to go in said Yeti cooler. So tonight I’m running as soon as I get home from work…no ifs, ands, or buts! It’s just going to suck balls because it’s going to be so humid and hot out, but I don’t have a choice. I’ll be busy the rest of the week with my next chance to run coming on Friday, because I’m taking that day off work. And hopefully getting my hair cut and maybe colored. Speaking of which I totally need to call and make an appointment!

Then I will probably get to run again on Sunday, then back to the regular grind. My next 5k is on the 24th, and then I’m doing a 10k in late August. I’m pretty excited about both, and I’m already signed up and everything. Now if I can just get the number on the scale to go DOWN instead of UP everything would be perfect!


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