Me + Lula= Luv4eva!

I went running last night…and I wasn’t alone!

I *finally* got to use my new Garmin, who I’ve decided to name Lula (what? Like you don’t name the inanimate objects in your life?). It was a bit tricky to end my workout since I kept hitting the wrong buttons, but all in all I absolutely love it.

I was sitting on the sofa last night transferring my data to my laptop and I kept squealing at M, “It’s transferring my data! And I don’t have to plug it in or ANYTHING!!” He just gave me his patented “that’s nice dear” look…bum!

He did perk up a little bit when I showed all the charts and data on the computer that came from my watch. It was pretty neat to see how all that came from one little old watch on my wrist!

Meet Lula!

Anyways, back to my run…I waited until 8:30 p.m. before even leaving my house! And it was still crazy ridiculous hot! 91 with a Real Feel of 112! Oi Vey!

Totally not at all what I wanted to run in…As they say though, it wasn’t the heat, it’s the humidity! And that’s the truth fo sho!
Anyways, I only got in two miles…but I’m ok with that. They were painfully slow miles, considering I just ate dinner and had that plus water & kool aid sloshing around in my belly. I ran the two miles in 37:09 for an average pace of 18:30 per mile. Here are my stats from Lula:

Lula says, “Move it, move it!”

All in all I felt it was an ok workout, not my best. But this week is going to be crazy anyways so I’m trying not to stress out about it at all. In time, with hard work I’ll get to where I want to be 🙂


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