Bust A Move!

Lula and me, we’re a team!

Last night around 8:00 p.m. I headed out to attempt three miles after not running for a week. I only got in two, but for some reason my lower back was really bugging me. I ran 2 miles in 36:11 for an average pace per mile of 18:05. I really need to step it up because not only do I have a 5k on Sunday, but I have a 10k next month, and then a couple more races until the big kahuna 13.1 mile ride that is the Rock n’ Roll STL Half marathon. And I really would like to do well. So the plan is to head out tonight, tomorrow night, and Saturday before the 5k, and then focus on building mileage. Which is going to blow because HELLO! It’s eleventy-billion degrees outside.

But hopefully I will start seeing results. I need to see results. I also need to add strength training and stretching into my routine BADLY. I’m totally weak in my upper body, and nowhere near as flexible as I used to be. So a couple new goals for the rest of the summer, strength/core work and stretching/yoga work. Because I am honestly tired of watching the scale go up and up instead of down down down. So crappy!


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