Mark a Win for the $5 Salad Bowl

Yesterday I did not run. I did however go to bed at 8:30 because I was feeling exhausted.

So I will try to run tonight, three miles. End of story.

I bought this nifty little salad bowl thingy for $5 at the grocery store last night, and it works pretty swell. It has a little container that sits in the top where you put your dressing, and then when you are ready to eat your salad you push down on the “button” and it spooges your dressing right into the bowl, then you shake it up to coat everything. Worked like a champ!

I also started off my day with a Naked Juice Green Machine. And it is GREEN for sure! But it taste really good so I am excited to get some more. I’ve been feeling quite a bit perky today (possibly from the 20 or so hours of sleep I got last night), but I think the juice helps a little bit.

So just another boring day in my world…


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