Race to Cure Lymphoma Race Recap

And now, the boring details of how super slow I am at running 😉

Otherwise known as my Saturday 5k race Recap.

Once again, another race where I didn’t run for oh, two weeks before hand. Serious slacker-ism on my part, and if I keep it up, I could get hurt. Not something I recommend to ANYONE! If you want to run a race, please train for it in some way, shape, or form. Unless you have a stellar fitness base, then maybe a 5k is small potatoes to ya.

Race Morning

I went to bed at like 8 o’clock, because I was super tired from staying up until 12:30 the night before (more on that one in another post). So I hit the hay early because I didn’t want to be a crabby bitch the next day. I knew it was going to be chilly so I opted for pants and then just a tech shirt. I didn’t want to over dress and get to hot, but I should have grabbed a hoodie because I was freezing waiting to pick up my packet and then spent the next big chunk of time hanging out in my car. It was really nice that we got to use real bathrooms inside the Mills (which is a huge-ass mall), so no freezing in a portapotty for me.

I drank a little water, and nibbled on some cereal and mints that came in my race bag, but I don’t usually eat before a race.

The Race

The first mile went by fairly easy. I came in under 15 minutes on this one clocking a pace of 14:26. My goal for the whole race was to at least keep my miles under 17 minutes each, which I knew I could do running at home. That’s when I saw the most people cheating. At or before the first mile. It was a bit of a downer. But I figured they’re the ones who will have to face karma later.

The second mile was a bit tougher. It seems like that’s my struggle mile lately. I still kept it under 17 minutes, and clocked that mile in 15:49, so not too bad, but still it seemed like that one was the biggest struggle for me. I did take in both Gatorade and water at the aid station on the second mile.

The third mile was also a little tough for me, but I figured it would suck a little bit since I was so unprepared for running. I kept pushing myself though because I wanted a good time, and was actually hoping to place in the Athena division (which I didn’t). I rounded the last bit and shuffled through my ipod to find a good kick-ass angry song to push me through the last little stretch before the finish line. I clocked the last mile in 15:15, and picked it up to a 12:00 mile pace for the last tenth of a mile to the finish. I crossed in a total of 46:56 with an average pace of 15:04 per mile. So I was really happy with that.

Post Race

I loved that this race gave out finishers medals. It was also awesome because a friend that also running the 5k and I didn’t know it, was hanging out by the finish line and a gave me a high-five after I was done. Kind of dorky to say, but it was really nice to have someone telling you good job when you finish. Especially someone you know.

I took advantage of the chiropractor they had on site and had him help me with my lower back/ hip issue I’ve been having. Well, just the day before the race, my right hip was killing me! And my lower back was pretty sore before the race start. I need to make an appointment to go see them after my half because I know I’m gonna need some work after that.

I took in some Powerade while waiting for the results. Once those were posted and I saw no reason to stick around for awards I left so I could pick up my packet for Sunday’s 5k, and meet my MIL and SIL so we could go get our cupcake on!


  • Garmin time: 46:56 15:04/mile
  • Chip time: 46:57 15:07/mile
  • Gun time: 47:34
  • Overall Place: 280/351
  • Age Group: 35/46
  • Athena: 17/24

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