Because I’m *so* Professional and Stuff

If you don’t like to see pictures of dogs, I suggest you look away now.

I mentioned yesterday (I think) that I did some pictures for some friends of their dogs last month and finally got them edited and put on to a disk, and then I checked to make sure that the disk would open on their computer and that you could indeed get pictures off of it, blah blah. It was really fun to take their pictures, they honestly have some of the best behaved dogs I know (Yes even better than mine!).

But I’m not going to talk entirely about them, just a few highlights. They are two golden retrievers and one cocker spaniel mix. The cocker is completely blind, and the older golden has had some health issues lately. The younger golden is training to be a search and rescue dog.

I was really excited since this was my first time being all semi-professional and stuff and taking photos 🙂

I know for certain that working here for my parents is definitely not what I want to do with the rest of my life. Even though I do at some point (hopefully within the next three years) by out my mother’s half of the company and possibly own the whole business at one point, it’s not my long-term goal. What I would really like to do is have my own boutique-type store down on historic Main Street in St. Charles. The place can definitely bring in the foot traffic and I feel like it needs a little something, but I’m not sure exactly what. And I would like to pursue photography a little more, so that could be a part of my boutique.

I also know that I am done with debt! I’ve had it with feeling so broke all the damn time. I really would like to pay off my credit cards, and while I know that I will most likely never be without a car loan, it would be nice to have the money that I wind up throwing down the drain towards interest on my bad debts. I don’t really look at a car as having bad debt. Yeah it’d be nice NOT to have to pay on it, but at the same time, I have to have one to get back and forth to work and it needs to be reliable.

A few last things-This November I have my mind set to quite a bit. If people can commit to doing Nanowrimo for 30 days, I can commit to 30 days of change too, right? Fuck yeah I can! So I will probably be posting more about that later through out the month.

I also got my Skinny Runner shirts ordered and I can’t wait to start repping SR swag. I would love to figure out some kind of give away to do as well. But I’m not certain what to do. I mean, I don’t have one set particular topic that I bather on about here (except for me, and I’m pretty certain that it’s illegal to give yourself away to some one), so finding something hasn’t been easy. And it’s not like I have a whole shit ton of readers either…I do get hits every now and then, but as far as truly being consistent with it, not quite there yet!


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