Oh Bother!

So seriously, I’m not going to plan anything out for my weekends ever again!

This weekend I had big plans to do lots of stuff. Like clean, and do laundry, and go running. Yeah, pretty much some of the most awesome things you’ve ever dreamed of doing! (Or not)

What really did happen?

The Cardinals won the World Series…

I attempted to go running and found that I hate almost every article of clothing I was wearing at the moment, so I stopped and went to the gym instead (where I almost crippled myself!).

I went to the Pumpkin Festival, and had to call 9-1-1, because an older gentleman hit his head.

I was summoned to help my mother with her iPad, only to get all the way to their house and find out that she no longer needed my assistance, and then I got sucked into crazy investigation discovery tv shows.

I made dinner, and edited pictures (finally getting them done!)

I went grocery shopping…twice.

I carved pumpkins with my niece and nephew and then spent the better part of the evening marveling at the inconsiderateness of man kind these days.

Not quite everything that I had in mind. So from now on, unless it’s a race, or a party or somewhere I *have* to be, I’m probably not going to plan much for my weekends. It just seems like when I do I never get anything done. Ever…It just makes me a total crab-ass!

Plus, not only did they not have enough medals at the half, the apparently did not print up enough finishers shirts and aren’t going to make more. Which is bullshit. In my opinion. I found out that over 1000 people had apparently dropped from the full down to the half, which makes me wonder if they signed up for the full with the intentions of dropping to the half during the actual race. I think that that should be disallowed or that they shouldn’t get a medal. I know I didn’t get one when I couldn’t finish my full-marathon attempt, and completed the half. I didn’t even get the option of turning around at the half way point. Granted it was a different race company but still. It would have been nice to have the option to have all these things at the finish and be available to me.

On a totally different note~probably going to be ordering some SkinnyRunner shirts soon! Pretty excited about that. Maybe some day I will be cool enough to sell my swagger to folks 😉

PS~ Happy Halloween Y’all!


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