So so Quiet!

I haven’t blogged at all since I finished up my race recap & review. I really haven’t had much of anything to write about since I’ve basically done nothing for the past week.

Monday was M’s birthday so we went out to dinner with his family at Gulf Shores. Man I love that place! I’ve yet to have anything truly bad there. Tuesday I went home and just ate my leftovers. Wednesday I helped my Dad pick out my Mom’s iPad for her birthday (today) and then had dinner with them at the Mexican restuarant. Yesterday was the first actual day I cooked all week, and I made tacos. I also wrapped my mom’s gifts and helped M with his duck decoys. And tonight I am going to dinner at Stoney River with my parents/family for a joint celebration of my mother’s birthday and M’s birthday.

But after all that, my weekend should be gloriously free! And I’m glad I have absolutely no concrete plans or place that I just *have* to be.

On Saturday I plan on doing 2 easy miles to shake everything out, and see how I’m feeling after my week of rest. I also plan on doing my first attept of Jillian Michael’s “Yoga Meltdown” and hitting the firehouse gym for some strength training. At least that’s my morning plan. After that, I am going to focus on cleaning up the house and getting it presentable. That includes: laundry, dishes, vaccumming, washing the floors, toilet scrubbing, shower scrubbing, counter cleaning, window cleaning, and last but not least, dusting. Hopefully.

Sunday I’m hoping to finish whatever I didn’t get to on Saturday and maybe do a few things for myself. I would love to get the fabrics cut for my flannel quilt I have and start piecing it together, but there are also a couple of other things I want/need to do. Like grocery shopping. I need to do that as well :(. Maybe I will sqeeze that in on Saturday. Or at least do part of it on Saturday.

But other than that, I’ve been and am probably going to continue to be rather boring here for a while. I did sign up for a 5k in December. Santa’s North Pole Dash. You get a tech shirt that looks like Santa’s suit, a Santa beard and a Santa hat to run in. Which I think will be fun.  I guess we will have to wait and see!


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