What Recap?

I’d totally recap my race on Saturday for you, but my Garmin is out in the car and it’s raining right now, so I don’t feel like getting it.

Boo to the hoo.

So not this past weekend but the weekend before we went on our annual Christmas tree getting/winery hopping adventure that we’ve taken since 2007 with some friends of ours. And we got an 8 foot tall tree.

Looked so much smaller at the tree farm surrounded by all the other trees!

So it’s been set up in our living room for the past week, not decorated or anything. I finally put the lights on it on Wednesday maybe? And last night we finally put all our ornaments on it.

Behold the glorious tree!

Please pardon the fact that the damn thing is so tall I can’t fit it all into the frame from my seat on the sofa.

In other less exciting news, wtf is up with my skin? I must have gotten the shitty skin genes from someone because currently my face feels greasy and my pores look the size of Rhode Island. It probably doesn’t help that I don’t take that good of care of it because let’s be honest with each other here folks-we all know I’m not exactly the super motivated kind of girl. But in an effort to turn that shit around, I want to try and be more motivated and take better care of myself. Because, I’m not getting any younger. And I’m not old enough to have the myriad of issues going on that I have going on right now.
So we just need to work on that, mmkay?
I also just need to find a cleanser that works. I remember back in the olden days Neutrogena was the shit! But these days-maybe because I’m not giving it 100% or because my skin needs have changed, it doesn’t do much for me. So I need to use my clarisonic brush and my soap and glory face wash a little more than twice a week and we will see where that gets us.
I’m tired of looking like I’m going through some kind of ridiculous hormonal surge or something.
Ugh, I’m not a teenager anymore!!

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