Santa’s North Pole Dash Race Recap

Yeah so I braved the rain and headed out to grab my Garmin. Plus-it’s handy because I have the charging cord here with me at work and it needs to be charged up.

So here is my race recap for the 5k I did on Saturday.


Since this race started a bit later (9 am) than most races I didn’t worry too much about getting up too early or anything. Until I realized that I had forgotten to charge my Garmin! Tragedies! I woke up at 7 and remembered that I had forgotten to plug it in. Lucky for me though-my car has a USB port in the center console, so I was able to charge it enough to make it last through the race. I left the house around 7:30-7:45 to get down there in plenty of time. I knew I wouldn’t be able to park too close so I didn’t want to spend too much time out in the cold. Since my car said 16° outside when I left the house. WTF Missouri weather? Coldest day of the year (since February) has to happen on the day I’m running a 5k?

Anyways, I got down to St. Charles at a reasonable time and found parking that wasn’t too far away or hard to get in and out of.  I hung out in the runner’s area (which was not by the start line or anything) and waited for some friends to get there. Since everyone was dressed alike, it was hard to pick them out of the crowd. I found out later that they were at the actual start line, so when I headed up to the start line with everyone else, I found them.

The Race

Everything started on time, and we were off down the cobblestone streets. I was a little worried about running on it, because I know from experience driving down it that it is not under any circumstances a perfectly flat street. But it wasn’t too bad and I didn’t die. My main goal was to finish in under 50 minutes, and my secondary goal was to keep each mile under 16 minutes. Lofty ambitions for someone who hasn’t run since Thanksgiving, and hadn’t done any running since before then either. Basically other than yoga, I haven’t worked out or ran since the half in October.

Mile one was good, if not a little on the fast side for me, coming in at 15:07. Mile two once again proved to be my nemesis, and was my worst mile (I’m sure the half mile long never-ending hill didn’t help) coming over my goal at 16:50. Mile three was mostly down hillish and I was able to pick it up and bring my pace down to 15:34 for that mile and I ran the remaining bit at under a 15 minute/mile pace. There were lots of volunteers and I was a hi-fiving maniac! I mostly did this race to have fun and get out there and run again.

I need to start focusing on running and taking better care of myself, because I’m tired of being a) slow and b) so dang out of shape. It’s a constant goal I am setting for myself and I am constantly failing at it! It’s so frustrating knowing that the only thing standing in my way is my own self!

On that note-to summarize my race results and everything:

  • Gun Time- 51:51
  • Garmin Time- 51:05
  • Chip Time- 51:07
  • Pace- 15:46/mile
  • Overall Finisher- 796/846
  • Division Finisher-140/148

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