Christmas is Almost Here!

I never thought I’d be so excited about the holiday season. But I love it! I love getting to go look at all the decorations and get our tree and everything. I love giving gifts and wrapping presents. Getting presents isn’t that bad either šŸ˜‰

Hopefully, this Friday we can take our niece and nephews down to Main Street for the Christmas Traditions. We’ve been doing it for the past few years and we always have a good time. Then we go to Cracker Barrel afterwards and eat delicious old timey foods. If I don’t get to go this year I might be super pissed about it all! Grr!

M also hinted at one of my presents this year and it’s been driving me crazy because I can not figure out at all what it might be! He is such a butt about stuff like that sometimes. He knows pretty much everything he is getting from me because he can figure it all out and I have a terrible poker face. I’ve only managed to surprised him a few times in the past few years we’ve been together. One of these days I will get even!

Also, in WTF Wednesday news-there is apparently a baby mouse trapped in the ceiling right about my desk at work. I’ve listened to it squeak all freaking day. It sounds so sad but also very annoying at the same time because it is so freaking high pitch. It’s almost painful to listen to.

My sister and her boyfriend are flying out either tomorrow or Friday to go see his family on the west coast. My parents are going to watch their dog (who is really just a puppy) for them. This should be interesting. My parents weren’t ever that big of believers in a dog is a huge part of your family thing until recently. So they’ve never dealt with a puppy/dog in their house that they are responsible for. So after 10 days this should be interesting. I’m also bringing the Yellow Dog and BooBoo over to finally meet their cousin-dog. He’s really a cute little fellow, but he is just a puppy still. And a hound dog/lab mix to boot.

The sky is so freaking overcast right now. I don’t like the looks of it and I need to go check the weather and make sure that it’s not going to dump snow on me or rain torrential down pours on my way to yoga tonight. If that’s the case then I will probably skip tonight’s class and just go home and work on my to-do list.



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