Thursday Featurette…

Starring a few good men of the FX hit show “Sons of Anarchy”.

Do you watch the show? I love it! It was so dramatic this season…If you don’t watch a) what the hell is wrong with you? and b) find some way to watch it so you can get all caught up when the new season comes up!

First up, one of the show main fellas-Charlie Hunnam (or Jax Teller, per the show).

Why hello there Charlie!

Did you know he also played in the movie “Green Street Hooligans”? Elijah Wood stars along side.

Next up, my favorite character, Juice-or in real life known as Theo Rossi.

No shirtless, skin bearing pics of this guy…boo! But he’s still pretty nice to look at!

I follow him on twitter. He seems to be more of a classics kind of guy than some of the actors you see today.

Now did you know that this guy-

And this guy-

Are the same person? I did not until a few months ago. I can’t believe a little facial hair is all it takes to transform Ryan Hurst from good clean all american football player from “Remember the Titans” to SOA’s own Opie Winston. Crazy!

Well that’s all for today-enjoy some motorcycling, bad-assery eye candy!


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