15 Things Friday

1) While my sister and her boyfriend are in Oregon, my parents are dog-sitting their puppy, Max. They brought him to work today, and he is a mess! He can’t hardly sit still for one minute and keeps barreling around the office. Needless to say, the office cats are NOT thrilled!

Is he not the cutest little guy ever?

2) I actually spent time this morning and washed my face, put on makeup, and fixed my hair this morning instead of sitting on my sofa like a lazy bum.



I decided to show a picture of the medals they gave out for the 5k I ran this past weekend. I *love* when you get a finishers medal! Not that I only run a race dependent on the goodies you get, but it’s always nice to have that extra incentive to finish 🙂

4) I love using photoshop and picnik-they make all my photos look so much better! I also use an app called Lightbox on my phone, to edit pictures on there. All the photos in this post where shot with my phone and then edited with both Lightbox and then picnik.

5) I think Max has finally calmed down enough about being in a new place to actually start playing. He needs a little work-he’s fond of the “keep away game”.

6) I wore my new boots that I bought last weekend to work today! I love them 🙂

7) I was wrapping presents last night, and it was hard! I don’t remember wrapping being so difficult! Maybe that’s just because all the box this year are crazy huge and hard to maneuver around while I’m trying to wrap them.

8) This weekend is already full! Besides trying to knock out the remainder of my heavy housecleaning, I am making cookies on Saturday during the day, and then my work annual dinner is tomorrow night. Sunday I have yoga class, and then I’m taking my dogs to my parents house to get to play with Max, and hopefully wear him out enough that he sleeps for the rest of the evening.

9) Wednesday’s yoga class was killer. I don’t think I’ve sweat that much in a long time. Also-note to self: Never eat Trailhead nachos before going to yoga. You will want to vom everywhere!

10) 9 Days until Christmas!

11) I don’t think we are going to make it down to the Christmas festival with the kiddos this year. 😦 Unfortunately-things just aren’t panning out, we’re both so busy and the RR works every other weekend, night shift (he’s a police officer). So our time gets really limited.

12) I think we are going to shoot clay birds on Christmas Eve. This will only be the third time I’ve ever gone shooting with my shot-gun, and the past two times haven’t been exactly promising!

13) I do not know what to get for lunch today…

14) I can’t believe there is a waiting list to join Pinterest. Seriously?

15) I think I’m going to do this photo challenge…anyone else care to join? This chica here did it and I recently found her blog and have become obsessed with reading all her archives. She is behind the awesome that is the Skinny Runner logo.


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