Motivation Monday

I have a hard time grasping that 2011 is going to be over in a matter of a couple of weeks sometimes. I can think back on stuff that happened back towards the beginning of the year and feel like it just happened yesterday, or think of something that happened a couple of months ago and it will feel like it’s been forever.

Life just gets so damn weird sometimes.

I titled this post motivation monday because, well I need a little motivation, to be honest. I don’t know about you guys, but I always try to set goals and resolutions for myself and typically fail hard-core at them. I just have no “stick to it-ness”. I guess. I’m honestly surprised that I’ve managed to keep up with my blogging as well as I have 😉

But this year I want to make some big changes in my life, including being more consistent with things, and actually sticking with my goals. Instead of pretty much flaking out on them the second I make them. I haven’t put them down in writing yet, because I am still formulating them in my head, but I was wondering if any of you readers were planning on making any goals/resolutions for the coming year? I prefer to think of them as goals, something to work towards instead of resolutions. But that’s just me 🙂

Anyways-leave me a comment and let me know your goals. I’ll be rooting for y’all!


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  1. rc says:

    Glad to visit this blog, keep it going.

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