Goal Setting 2012

So after having some time to think about it-I’ve come up with my list of goals for 2012. I think I shall share them in an attempt to get some accountability with my few readers.

These aren’t listed in any particular order of importance, by the way.

  • Finally get serious about losing weight-I know I’ve touched on this before and had my I’m so fat rants on here, but honestly this is a must do for 2012. I can’t keep flaking on this because I do NOT want to face the same health problems some of my family members have down the road. So this is very important. To be at my happy goal weight I will need to drop 100 pounds. That’s right, since I’ve gotten engaged/married, I’ve packed on that much weight in 6 years. Terrible.
  • Take better care of myself-totally goes with the above goal. But this means not only losing weight, but putting myself first above other things, and not being so down on myself.
  • Save money-obviously. Who doesn’t make this a goal at some point in their life? I really need to start building an emergency fund of some type.
  • Pay down the debt-I was stupid with credit cards and now I pay the price. But I want to get it all under control. I know that I will probably never be 100% debt-free, but I don’t need all this bad debt looming over my head and stressing me out constantly.
  • Run 1500 miles in 2012-I’m going to put some kind of ticker along the bottom of my page to keep track.
  • Keep up the Yoga-I love the way yoga has been making me feel, and I can’t wait to see how it carries over into my running.
  • Spend more time outside-For as much as I sit at a desk, inside with all the crap that floats in this air, you’d think I’d spend as much time as possible in the sun and fresh outside air. Not so much. Making this a priority for 2012.
  • Focus on the things I love to do-scrapbooking, taking pictures, quilting, needle crafts, and other things like that. I want to do those more. I love those things!
  • Be a better wife-I can be very hard-headed and stubborn, as can my husband. But maybe if I put in more effort to our relationship, he will return the effort as well.
  • Keep a better house-I want to focus on keeping the house in better shape so it doesn’t get quite so out of control at times. I’d rather do a couple of hours cleaning the whole thing, than let it go and spend a month trying to get it back in order.
  • Journal and blog consistently-I’ve been doing great on the blogging front, or at least better than I expected to. Now if I could keep my journal up, that would be awesome!
  • Live my Life-most importantly for 2012. I need to stop being so concerned about put every single other person and thing before my own hopes and goals and dreams. While I do very much love all my family and friends, I often find myself skipping something that I want/need to do, so that others can have their every little wish fulfilled. I need to get my priorities straight, for myself, before I can be a huge help to anyone else.

Quite the list, huh? I know some of these things won’t happen over night, and some will be easier than others. And some won’t happen in the entire course of the year. But it’s a start. And I suppose that, my friends, is the most important step of all.

Feel free to drop me a line at misadventuresofme2@gmail.com, to check in on my progress, or leave me comments!


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