So apparently something decided to crawl into my floor/under the desk heater thingy and die. And now it stinks. Very badly. And I have no choice but to light a candle and suffer through it. Because there is no way to take my heater thing off without tearing apart everything. This also means I can’t turn my heater on because that just makes the stink so much worse.

Life is so hard.

Also, I somehow cut/split the corner of my mouth/lip area and it is not freaking healing! And it hurts! I just want it to heal up and go away so I can have normal lips again. Boo dry winter air! Also makes my hair very static-y and I hate that as well.

God I’m such a whiner today!

Also, while I’m whining. I spilled my freaking coffee all down my shirt. At least my shirt is dark so there aren’t any actual coffee stains on it. But because it decided to run down my chin/chest area, in between my boobs is sticky.

I know it’s only February, and I still have two and a half months of tax season left, but I’m already ready for it to be over. I just want to hang out and have nice weather. Plus, some of the clients this year are very unnerving. Like the fellow who stared at my chest for his entire tax interview. First off dude, I’m married. Secondly, you are not my type. Thirdly, you’re married. Fourthly, you are living with someone who is not your wife because you’re getting divorced and between the two of them you are now responsible for like 6 kids. Fifthly, gross. Just gross.

But I’m just ready to get the heck outta there and have my evenings back again. It will be soo nice to focus on the stuff I want to focus on.


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