So Torn

Ugh, I’m so distraught.

I just found out that two of the races that I did last year and absolutely loved (Racin’ 4 Rescues and Race to Cure Lymphoma) are going to both be held on October 6th. NOOO! How ever will I chose? I’m honestly already leaning toward RTCL, but still, I loved R4R. Boo races! How rude to not consult me before scheduling your events!

So now I have that decision to make, as well as picking out my races for the rest of the year. I know I will be doing the Firecracker run again, and the Pound the Pavement run again, but probably not the RNR STL Half. It was just a disappointing race experience, and cost SO MUCH for what little we received. Plus there are a couple of other races that are closer, and looked like mo’ fun. That’s right, mo’ fun and not just more fun.

I need to get back into the yoga-it’s been a while since I’ve gone. I was planning to go on Sunday, but I probably won’t since it’s the Super Bowl and what not. And last year M decided about 2 hours before the game that he wanted to have all this super bowl food. So I got run around and try to find Lil Smokies on game day. Which by the way, is impossible. Every where was sold out. So he did not get little sausages in BBQ sauce. Too bad so sad. So this year he needs to decide if that’s what he wants to do again. Nerd.

All in all, a pretty good week so far, other than the dead thing under my desk. Hopefully this weekend’s photo shoot goes well and I get some good shots. Super excited about it 🙂


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