Sometimes you just have to wonder…

While I understand the need to be prepared for emergencies, there are seriously people out there who are so into it that they now have a show called “Doomsday Preppers”? Sometimes I wonder about the direction that society is taking.

Supposedly it’s snowing outside. I wouldn’t know because I’m sitting in M’s chair blogging and editing pictures, as well as facebooking and checking on my shipments. A lot of fun stuff should be showing up pretty soon!

Also, I should be getting my own version of CS 5 soon so I am very excited!

My weekend went pretty well. I met up with my BFLT KT on Friday and she got her nails done, and I chose to get the hot stone pedicure, which was divine! Then we headed to 54th Street Grill where we split a plate of nachos and each had a side salad. Then we chatted for a bit and headed home. But first for me, I stopped by my in-laws and grabbed some stuff for my photo session on Saturday.

Saturday I got up and got everything ready for the shoot. Then I headed over to my parents house, stopping at their Target to see if they had any nice Valentine’s day decor. Which they did so I picked some up and my mother helped me fashion them into some nice backdrop materials. Then we got busy taking a billion photos of the baby, who managed to make almost 3 hours before getting cranky.

Saturday night, M, myself, GH, Big A, KT and her boyfriend all headed out to dinner and a movie. We ate at Max and Erma’s (delish!) and then headed to the Great Escape theater to watch “Contraband”. It was an ok movie. I thought it had more potential that what they actually filmed, but then again I’m not the one making millions writing and directing movies.

Sunday was super bowl sunday and I was planning on going to yoga (just like I was planning to do tonight) but since someone was wanting to have pretty detailed super bowl snacks, I skipped yoga and cooked all day. Which sucks because I won’t get another chance to go until next Tuesday. I’ve got to stop this crap of not working out and not planning. I’m hoping this craptastic weather passes pretty quickly, because I honestly don’t want to deal with it tomorrow morning. Thank goodness I am going in early.

In a final bit of good news, apparently the first date I saw for the Racin for Rescues was incorrect and now it will be the day after the Race to Cure Lymphoma. So I’m glad I don’t have to choose between the two! Yay!!


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