For the freaking weekend!

I’m working on Saturday (I think) and then Sunday I have a dockdogs event to attend. And to be perfectly honest, I’m just about ready for tax season to be over with…and it’s only the beginning of peak.

Other than that, I’m waiting patiently for some things to arrive for me. Packages from a couple of companies that I ordered from and then some hand stamped jewelry that I ordered back in December. I really want that to get here soon.

I’m also horribly unprepared for my four mile race next Saturday, so I am planning to run tomorrow night, Saturday morning, and then most of next week as well. Hopefully that will help make the four miles a little less brutal. Is it bad that I check last years results to make sure I won’t come in dead last? Or at least make sure there should be other people finishing around me? Either way, I’m looking forward to a good year running, if I can ever get my huge ass into gear and stop making such shitty decisions. I looked at my goals list and so far the only thing I’ve really managed is to keep a better house. And even that’s falling to the wayside a bit. I really need to buckle down on the laundry and actually put it away tonight! It’s not like I fold half my clothes anyways…I just kind of stuff them into my closet. Maybe someday when I have a walk-in closet just to myself I will be a bit more organized!


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