Suck it Up, Sweetheart

Ohhh, Saturday is not going to be too much fun 😦 Majorly under-prepared for the four mile race/run I’m doing. But at least there will be chocolate involved and then a party at a friend’s house to celebrate the finalizing of their adoption.

I’m pretty much over everything-I want nothing to do with anything it seems. I’ve been spacing out at my regular 40 hour a week job, not feeling it when I get to Block in the evenings, and completely checking out of stuff at home. I don’t know what my deal is lately. Maybe I’m suffering from burnout or something. And just think-I only have a month and a half or so until my next three-day weekend (thank you former owners who were catholic and felt that we should get good friday off!).

Dockdog event on Sunday was a good time-kind of strange to have all the drama that was associated with last year not even begin to surface-but I’ll take it. It was really nice to hang out and chat with everyone and get to see a bunch of friends. Now I just need to take some time and actually work on my pictures from the event and see how they turn out and compile my little slide show. The only un-fun part of the whole trip was when I tried to go to the Arch and wound up getting stuck in a very bad part of Illinois for about 30 minutes. And naturally the one exit that I keep getting redirected to is freaking closed! Oh well, I will have to make another trip to the Lou to get some pictures by the Arch and of the Dome.

Also-Illinois, WTF? Who puts an elementary school right next to a bunch of strip clubs? Is that your stay in school tactic? “Don’t drop out or you’ll wind up next door?”

Saturday I worked all day but since I looked super cute I made M take me out to dinner with his friends. Which was interesting to say the least…some things are best left to in-real-life conversations 😉

Needless to say, Monday and Tuesday were not exactly stellar days for me. I have a feeling the rest of the week is going to be about the same. I have a ton of stuff I need to get done at home, but feel so dang tired when I get there that I don’t want to do anything.


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