Finally Friday


Thank God if F*@king Friday ūüėČ

Apparently I thought I posted yesterday, but didn’t actually finish the post I started so I did not. Oh well.

My weekend plans are fairly open-I have the Truffle Shuffle tomorrow, then a small party to attend (which FAIL the gift I was planning on giving, a framed print of the shoot that I did of their baby, will not be here until Monday). Then Sunday I’m going to yoga and then possibly doing a shoot later in the day. So tonight I have to pick up my race packet and then stop off at Mannino’s to get some cheese-because they have the best American Cheese there. So delicious!

I just order a whole crap ton of stuff from Sephora. Back in August, I found a face wash that had pretty rave reviews, so I ordered some because I have been searching for a wash to help my problem skin. And so far I love it! When I use it regularly and am not being a lazy piece of shit, it does amazing things for my skin. The only bummer is that they only sell it via the website and not in stores yet. They used to carry it at Target stores, but something went down and they stopped.

Anyways- the product I use is called Soap & Glory 3-in-1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash.

I use it with my Clarisonic¬†face brush and so far when I am consistent with it, I notice a huge difference in my skin. My skin is kind of a¬†mix between oily and dry at times-so I think this is a good wash for just about anyone. It has a nice scent, and it’s not overly aggressive as face as stripping your face of oils and drying it out.

So I ordered several more products from that line:

Plus some mascara¬†to replace the one where I dropped the brush in the toilet, some more face powder and some bumble¬†& bumble hair products. I can’t wait to get this stuff in so I can start using it!


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