Truffle Shuffle 4 Mile Race Recap

Here’s my recap for my last race 🙂


I got up and head to SCC around 8 o’clock. I couldn’t find my heart rate monitor band for my Garmin, but I did at least have that and my RoadID, so I wasn’t too concerned. I got to SCC with about 15 minutes or so to spare, so I pinned my number on and headed to the starting area. I couldn’t find my running sunnies so I had to make do with my regular sunnies, which aren’t too bad but if it’s cold and I’m running or sweating they tend to fog up, which I was worried about happening since it was a tad chilly to start.

I thought about trying to pee before the race started and was feeling pretty chilly so I went to the bathroom but the line was crazy. I stood in it for 5 minutes and it never moved once. I didn’t have to go bad enough to deal with that so I just headed to the start area. Ladies, seriously, just pee and get the heck out of there! No need to take 10 minutes in the bathroom!

Once I was in the sun, I warmed up a little bit and stretched out and then took my place close to the back of the group. I’m slow, and I don’t like to get in the way of the faster runners.

Mile 1

Mile one was not too bad, kind of downhill at the start and then relatively flat. I managed to keep my pace slower than usual (I have a tendency to start out too fast and then screw myself). I clocked the first mile in 15:51. I didn’t really set a goal for myself for this race, other than to finish between 1 hour and 1:10. I also just wanted to take it easy since I did not train or run at ALL prior to the event.

Mile 2

Usually the second mile is the worst for me, and while it wasn’t quite the usual struggle, it still was my slowest mile at 16:55. I did pick out a girl though, and said to myself, “I can not let her beat me!”. So even though I probably walked more in the second mile than any other mile, I still managed to stay ahead of her.

Mile 3

Mile three wasn’t too bad, there was a water stop so that was nice. But other than that nothing really sticks out in my mind except the huge ass hill that was in it. (I think it was in mile 3, but I really can’t remember.) I did the third mile in 16:28.

Mile 4

Mile four was when I decided that since I was feeling pretty good, I could start to “pick” people off. I did tell myself that for each person I passed I had to maintain the lead on them and hold them off. So I just found a good solid jam on my iPod and went to work. I managed to hold off every person I passed so I met my goal there. I finished that fourth mile in 16:39.


Post race I thought about hanging out and getting some hot chocolate and fondue, but I decided that I just wanted to get the heck out of dodge since the lines were crazy long. I downed a Naked Juice Green Machine as my post race fuel and I have to say, even though those things look super nasty, they are very tasty. I love me some Green Machine!


  • Chip Time/Garmin Time- 1:05:58/1:06:01
  • “Gun” Time- 1:07:58
  • Average Pace- 16:28/mile
  • Overall Place- 1273/1351
  • Overall Female- 898/958
  • Age Group-151/159

All in all, I felt like this was a pretty good start to my 2012 running year. I can only hope to improve upon it and I guess that brings my yearly total up to a whopping 6 miles 😉 Only 1494 left to go :O!



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