Why do people insist on coming in to work when they are practically dying of illness? Two people here are sick a shit and insist on coming in and breathing and touching everything. I swear if I get sick from one of them I am going to be so pissed!

Speaking of sickly, I apparently had either food poisoning or the stomach flu, because not last Sunday, but the Sunday before it, I got sicker than a dog. Vomiting, excessive pooing, the works. It was horrible! All week I felt shakey. One good thing is that I seem to get fuller faster so perhaps it shrank my stomach some? I can only wish 😉

I have been trying to eat healthier this week. Other than today, I’ve ate the lunch I packed and the snacks that I packed as well. But I don’t think I did too bad for lunch today. I had two shredded beef tacos from Qdoba, and a tiny bit of a Naked Chicken burrito bowl. I’ve been on a desperate search for my Naked Juice but can’t seem to find it anywhere! So sad :(. I guess I will have to stop at the Target in Chesterfield and grab some from there. Hopefully they will have some left. I also need to swing by the jewelry store and drop off my inspection cards for my jewelry because I need to get those marked. I wonder if Kay is working tonight…

I guess I can swing by and see.

I have an upcoming dentist appointment on the 13th, and I need to get my blood work done for my doctor visit next week. Hopefully I won’t get stuck on any more meds. He had talked about putting me on cholesterol medicine and I would really rather not. Although when I weighed myself this morning the results were pretty disappointing. No bueno 😦

I’m looking forward to hopefully having the entire weekend off, because I would absolutely love that! I need a weekend where I don’t have to rush and do anything. I just want some me time as well. I know M is planning on going out-of-town on the 17th (St. Patty’s day weekend) on a fishing trip so I will definitely have the house to myself then. Can’t wait!


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