So Jealous…

Of all the girls who get to hang out in Cali and Hawaii. Honestly, your views and pictures kill me. I only wish that I got to see that stuff every stinking day. Not me though. Nope, my view is of a trailer park…fail.

Now that that is out of the way…I’m so glad it’s Thursday, because that means the last day I have to wear my dress pants to work, and only one more day until the freaking weekend y’all. I’ve got the whole thing to myself and I got some serious plans. End of story.

I actually packed a gym bag this morning. Seriously. I grab a shirt, pants, socks, and shoes and managed to find the HR strap for my Garmin. Now if only this damn cough would GTFO of here. I will be so pissed if I get sick…My plan is to do two miles on the dreadmill and then some upper body work to try to get rid of these ham hocks I call arms and get some strength back so I can open jars and shit again. Apparently I’ve gotten that weak. So sad.

I’m sure I will be blogging all about the horrible-ness of it all tomorrow sometime. I realized yesterday that I spend way too much time sitting on my ass since it actually started to hurt. Now that is a sad, sad story my friends.


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